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The National Insurance Scheme extends Social Insurance Coverage on a compulsory basis, to all persons between the ages of sixteen (16) and sixty- (60) years who are engaged in Insurable Employment. Coverage is also extended on a voluntary basis, to persons who cease such employment before reaching age sixty- (60) years, until the attainment thereof. Employed Persons outside this age range who are in Insurable Employment are also covered, but for Industrial Benefits only. However, Self-employed Contributors are not covered for Industrial Benefits.

Both the Employer and Employee pay Contributions into the Scheme based on a 'Payroll System'. The total Contribution for Employed Contributors is 14% of the actual Wage / Salary paid to the Employee. This is derived from a 5.6% deduction from the Employee’s pay, and the remaining 8.4% paid by the Employer on behalf of the Employee. The actual wage / salary is, at present, subjected to a ceiling of $200,000.00 per month or $46,154.00 per week for National Insurance purposes.

Self-employed Persons contribute 12.5% of their declared Income as Contributions, while Voluntary Contributors pay 9.3% of their Insurable Earnings as determined from the last two years of their employment.

Presently, the Scheme provides for the payment of the following Benefits, which are grouped under three branches as follows:


Old Age Benefit


Sickness Benefit


Injury Benefit


Funeral Benefit


Maternity Benefit


Disablement Benefit


Invalidity Benefit


Sickness Benefit Medical Care


Industrial Death Benefit


Survivors’ Benefit

      Injury Benefit Medical Care
  Constant Attendance Benefit